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  • old essays new: on volodine & on césaire

    Hey what’s up!, is this thing on? I wanted to make available here two essays I worked on back in 2014 that were published at The Quarterly Conversation, as that website is no more and has not been for some time. I worked hard on these essays and they were kind of like an apprentissage […]

  • a major refutation

    Pierre Senges, Antonio de Guevara, The Major Refutation: English version of Refutatio major, attributed to Antonio de Guevara (1480–1545). Trans. Jacob Siefring. Contra Mundum Press, 2016. “Few or none of them heard of a book entitled Refutatio major, falsely attributed to Don Antonio de Guevara, in which the aforementioned Guevara avers that there does not exist a New […]

  • homage to marguerite young (1908-1995)

    Since Marguerite collects angels, Be an angel and come, You may shed your wings if you wish …  … from seven o’clock into eternity … I suppose it’s been a long time since my blog posted any new or useful content here. I’m not certain these remarks will be useful to anyone — I hope […]

  • adopting paul metcalf

    America’s frontier is endless, just as any other aspect of our past, our history, is endless, and endlessly available to us. – Paul Metcalf Certain books enthrall us, set us on a quest to discover more — not just the author’s complete bibliography, but the author’s influences and acknowledged peers. I think of them as gateway writers. — […]

  • our absence, explained

    For the last year, all Bibliomanic’s posts were missing. The blog was begun in 2012 and continued until 2019 when the site’s posts all mysteriously vanished. The problem may have originated when either I myself or an automatic update created an error in the posts table in the WordPress database. I was despondent for a […]