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  • “When they get a hold of a rare book, it’s like they get intoxicated”

    “Nobody can stop me from setting up—you know why? Because the people in the village—you know why? They want to read. This ain’t Brooklyn, this ain’t the Bronx, these people want to read. And when they get a hold of a rare book, it’s like they get intoxicated. It’s like they get high. They want […]

  • The social media shift

    Since 2011 I’ve been on Twitter. Twelve years is a pretty long time. Long enough. I’ve probably said this before. I’m taking steps to download my archive of tweets & media and then I intend to log out once and for all. If anything I ever shared there had value—droll quips, shots of bookish eloquence […]

  • Editing Wikipedia

    I was surprised when I recently spotted a notification from Wikipedia on my phone. Apparently, as a result of having made a certain number of edits, I am eligible for something I had never heard of called “The Wikipedia Library”. The “Library” is essentially a wide range of paywalled scholarly resources, roughly seventy of them, […]

  • On prolixity and abandonment

    I have before me a mammoth work; an inexhaustible work; a work, so singular in its import, its vision and execution, that ordinary criteria all but wilt before it.

  • Stewart’s Plural Atmosphere

    During his lifetime, Stewart Lupton published little to almost none of his poetry. So it is a great boon to have this little chapbook in my library to remember him by. Stewart will most often be remembered for his musical accomplishments, perhaps most notably as the frontman for a band called Jonathan Fire*Eater, which rose […]

  • homage to marguerite young (1908-1995)

    Since Marguerite collects angels, Be an angel and come, You may shed your wings if you wish …  … from seven o’clock into eternity … I suppose it’s been a long time since my blog posted any new or useful content here. I’m not certain these remarks will be useful to anyone — I hope […]

  • adopting paul metcalf

    America’s frontier is endless, just as any other aspect of our past, our history, is endless, and endlessly available to us. – Paul Metcalf Certain books enthrall us, set us on a quest to discover more — not just the author’s complete bibliography, but the author’s influences and acknowledged peers. I think of them as gateway writers. — […]